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Welcome in new section. If you are owner or user any of Vermeer pinhole camera and like to share your pictures - this place is made for you.

Photographer: Ed Lewkowicz, Brooklyn, NY

Camera: Vermeer 6x13,5cm (curved plane, 0,3mm pinhole

Nathans, Coney Island

Dancers, Coney Island

Coney Island

Photographer: Eirik Douglas Russell Roberts/Norway, Vermeer 6x17 curved plane pinhole

Photographer: Stian Green

Tiger standing outside the central rail station in Oslo

4x5 inch camera,FL40mm


Photographer: George Sheils/Ireland

Irish trader/6x13,5 curved plane camera

Loughshinny/6x13,5 camera

Rush-Harbour/6x13 camera

Rush-Harbour/6x13 camera

Tower-Bay/6x13,5 cm camera

Tower-Bay/6x13,5 cm camera

Tower-Bay/6x13,5 cm camera

Boyne-Sth-Bank/6x13,5cm camera

Photographer: Anthony Maddaloni, USA/Texas

 cyanotype, 4x5 inch, FL 40mm Vermeer pinhole,

Photographer: Douglas Henderson,

6x18 curved plane camera, 0,3mm pinhole aperture

Black Tail Deer Creek

Irrigation channel

Rocks along Yellowstone

Photographer: Arthur Locke, Australia

6x9 frame size pinhole, 0,2mm aperture



Photographer: Mary Strother,

Vermeer 4x5 inch pinhole camera, 0,2mm aperture


Photographer: Bulent Celasun,

 Kiev back pinhole camera, 30 min. exposure time, Fuji Centuria 100 ASA



 Vermeer 6x12 cm - pinhole camera (70 mm focal length)

Photographer: David R. Cerbone


Vermeer 6x9 cm with central shutter  - zone plate version

Vermeer 6x12 cm frame size, ultra wide angle

Vermeer 6x18cm curved plane pinhole camera

Kiev back pinhole camera

Photographer: Scot Powles

Unravelled a 120 roll and rerolled it with 35mm film




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