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In this section, which will be updated regularly, i will be showing examples of different lensless photography effects.



August 2012, large format camera test.  8x10 inch, 100mm FL, 0,4mm pinhole aperture. 25 min exposure at Ilford Multigrade Paper




6 min exposure




February 2012, 6x12 cm anamorphic camera,15 clear zones ZP installed.

camera details here:



October  2011, 6x9 FL 40 camera tests.


February 2011,

half frame pinhole, exposure about 1-3 seconds at 100 asa





Autumn 2010

First shots taken with 0,1mm pinhole aperture.

Wooden 6x6cm Vermeer camera,24mm focal length

more pictures here:



summer 2010

Picture taken with 6x9 curved plane Agfa Clack conversion, 0,2mm pinhole

Photographer Piotr Krysztof





Cardboard pinhole, 26mm focal length,

more details of the camera you can see here



Spring 2010, russian compact camera "Smiena" conversion. Focal length 25 mm, 4 s exposure time, Kodak 100 ASA


Februrary 2009, russian Smiena conversion, 27 mm focal length, 0,2mm pinhole, 40 seconds exposure, Konica 200 ASA

polish mountains, Bielice



The same Camera 2 seconds exposure,



Test shots (end of November 2009)

Vermeer 6x18 cm frame size (curved plane)






End of autumn- my garden.


Fuji Reala, 12 seconds exposure time, polish "Druh" camera conversion






Mountains, 6 seconds, Fuji Reala



Vermeer pinhole 6x4,5 cm frame size, first tests, Rollei 400 ASA, exposure time 8 s.





Vermeer pinhole 6x4,5 cm frame size, Rollei 400 ASA, exposure time 6 s.




Botanical gardens Wrocław - 15 zones attachment and Nikon D-70, ISO speed 400, Exposure time 1/40s.







June 2009. Freddie's Bar in Caherdaniel/ Co. Kerry, Vermeer 6x6 cm frame size, 0,2 mm pinhole, 20 minuts exposure time





April 2009, Mount Ślęża. Zone plate photography, Nikon D-70 and  attachment ( 11 zones), 400 ASA 1/20 s exposure time



February 2009, Wrocław,

Holga Pinhole 120WPC, panoramic pinhole camera.  Frame size:   6 x 12cm.  Pinhole diameter:   0,3mm .  Film:  Fuji 100 ASA.  Exposure:   5 min. on  tripod.



Vermeer Pinhole. Pinhole: 0,2 mm. Exposure: 8 seconds. Film Fuji 100 ASA.

Autumn 2008

Some zone-plate attachment autumn shots --11 zones with a digital SLR ( Canon Eos 400 D)

(Photographer: Rafał Kostrzewa)





Modified Agfa Clack with a 0,2 mm pinhole. My initial calculations were inaccurate and are responsible for the undesirable vignetting.





'Photon sieve' (similar to a zone plate). Nikon D-70 with drilled body cap. Exposure: 1/20 s.

Photon sieve 1/2 s, tripod

Pinhole diameter- 0,3mm, Nikon F-90 and attachment





Some autumn landscapes -- modified 120-roll film Ami 66.






Zone plate -- 21 zones, Nikon F-90 with drilled body cap. Exposure: 1/2 s on Fuji Superia 200 with tripod.



This is my first 'photon sieve' photograph. The diameter of the sieve was simply too large. As a result, the scene is virtually unrecognizable. Behind the blur is the shed and bench of my neighbor's garden.